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    Iconfit Steviaga suhkruasendaja (0 kalorit) 350 g
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    ICONFIT Steviaga Sugar Substitute is a calorie-free sugar substitute produced in Estonia.  It consists of natural erythritol and stevia plant extract and is very similar in appearance and properties to regular white sugar - but all completely calorie-free.

    • Calorie-free sugar substitute with Stevia produced in Estonia.  Ideal for replacing regular sugar in food, drinks, baked goods.

    • Environmentally friendly reusable cardboard jar for packaging! No awkward plastic bag.

    • Ingredients are natural sweeteners erythritol and stevia plant extract.

    • Similar sweetness and properties to regular sugar. Ideal for all foods, drinks, pastries.

    ICONFIT Steviaga Sugar Substitute  is a calorie-free alternative to regular white sugar produced in Estonia. It looks and is about as sweet as regular sugar but gives it sweetness without the extra calories. It consists of natural erythritol (found in pears, watermelons, grapes, for example) and healthy Stevia plant extract.


    The steviol glycoside produced from the Stevia plant is the world's most popular healthy calorie-free sugar substitute. This plant comes from South America where its sweet properties have been used for over 1500 years. As Stevia plant extract is otherwise almost 300 times sweeter than regular sugar, it cannot be used at home in its completely undiluted form. Therefore, it works perfectly in combination with natural erythritol.


    Natural erythritol is found, for example, in pears, watermelons and grapes, and with its small crystalline pieces it looks like ordinary white table sugar. However, in terms of sweetness, it is less sweet and therefore, as a natural combination, goes very well with stevia extract to replace sugar. Erythritol is also calorie-free and because it does not raise blood sugar, it is suitable even for diabetics.

    sugar substitutes stevia


    Use the ICONFIT Stevia Sugar Substitute like regular white sugar - add a little coffee / tea, make less sweet foods more delicious and use them in various pastries as a calorie-free alternative.


    Packed in an environmentally friendly and airtight cardboard jar - no plastic bag! The jar is initially hermetically sealed with a thin foil and can be conveniently resealed with a cardboard lid after opening.

    Ingredients:  Natural erythritol, steviol glycoside (Stevia plant extract). Made in Estonia.

    NUTRIENTS: / 100 g
    Energy (kJ / kcal) 0
    Proteins (g) 0
    Carbohydrates (g) 0
    ..of which sugars (g) 0
    Fats (g) 0
    ..of which saturation (g) 0
    Salt (g, not added) 0
    Steviaga suhkruasendaja (0 kalorit) 350 g arvamused 7

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    Iconfit Steviaga suhkruasendaja (0 kalorit) 350 g foto
    Iconfit Steviaga suhkruasendaja (0 kalorit) 350 g
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