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Xcore XTRACORE – The delicious high quality protein fix that will keep your muscles growing at all times

Train, eat, sleep, repeat. Essentially, that’s the process that will lead you to muscle

enhancement. Most bodybuilders and avid gym-goers have three of these four steps well

covered. They take their body to the max at the gym, they get plenty of rest, and they

can’t wait for the next workout. For most, the eating part is where things get messed up.

Eating for muscle growth can be tricky. Not only do you want to make sure you consume

the right foods, but you must also make sure to have them at the right time. If muscle

development is the game, protein consumption is the key to win it. Basically, muscles

need proteins like houses need bricks. Proteins are literally the building blocks of the

muscles, and your body needs those anabolic blocks at regular times. When you fail to

feed your muscles with enough protein at the right time, you hurt your recovery process

and you may actually sacrifice existing muscle tissue, that is broken down into individual

amino acids to be burnt for energy.

Studies show that you need protein every 2 to 3 hours, to keep your metabolism running

at full steam, or in other words, to keep your muscles growing. However, you can’t carry

eggs whites and chicken with you at all times, and there are only so many protein shakes

you can drink a day before you start dreading the time when you pick up the shaker.

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a good, nutritious, mouthwatering snack you can actually

chew to leave you satisfied. That’s exactly what XTRACORE is: an exquisite,

protein-packed chocolate bar that helps you meet your protein requirements in a delicious

and healthy way.

XTRACORE comes packed with 24 grams of high quality and highly anabolic protein that

will feed your muscles with all the amino acids they need to grow. XTRACORE was

especially designed to provide athletes looking to develop their muscles with the amino

acids that will stimulate the anabolic process, improving muscle recovery and growth. Due

to its impressive nutritional value, you can use this scrumptious protein bar as a quick

protein fix at any time of the day, or as an actual meal, to ensure you are getting all the

protein you need to build your physique. Fuel your muscle growth in the most satisfying

and delicious way with XTRACORE.


Xcore XTRACORE highlights:

 • 24 grams of high quality protein per bar

 • Helps meet daily protein requirements

 • Practical and delicious protein bar

 • Promotes muscle growth

 • Prevents muscle catabolism

 • Ideal as a nutritious snack or meal 



Protein Blend ( Milk protein , Whey Protein

Concentrate (Milk)), Hydrolized Gelatin), Milk

Chocolate Coating (14%) (Sugar, Cocoa Butter,

Whole Milk, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier ( Soy Lecithin ),

Flavoring), Caramel (14%) (Sweetened Condensed

Milk, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil,

Rapeseed Oil), Sugar, Caramelised Syrup,

Emulsifier (E471), Salt, Flavorings), Humectant

(Glycerol), Roasted Peanuts (10%), Glucose Syrup,

Maltodextrin , Humectant (Maltitol), Peanut Flour,

Gelling agent ( Polydextrose ), Sunflower Oil,

Flavoring (Peanuts), Antioxidant ( Mixed

Tocopherols ) .

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