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SYNTRAX MATRIX-is sisalduvad valgud ...
SYNTRAX MATRIX-is sisalduvad valgud imenduvad nii kiiresti kui aeglaselt ning seetõttu on see ideaalne vadakuvalk igal ajal kogu päeva jooksul. Vadakuvalk - kiiresti imenduv Munavalk - kes..
52.60€ Maksudeta: 43.83€
Completing Trophix’s® uniq...
Completing Trophix’s® unique blend are whey protein, egg albumin and glutamine peptides. Whey is a fast-acting protein source which supports the immune system and supplies the body with tissue-build..
46.00€ Maksudeta: 38.33€
23 Grams of Protein Mixes Insta...
23 Grams of Protein Mixes Instantly Free of Fillers Promina Whey Protein Superior Amino Acid Profile Whey Shake is the critically acclaimed protein powder that scores top honors for highest qu..
48.00€ Maksudeta: 40.00€
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