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    Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos 500tab
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    Beef Aminos Scitec Nutrition 500 Tablets containing bovine protein hydrolyzate peptides in easy to swallow tablets and take anywhere manufactured from bovine fresh meat 100% natural, which have not used any hormones.
    Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos provides enzymatically hydrolyzed peptides of beef, namely that it is pre-digested, which means their digestion and absorption are very fast. Our formula is very comprehensive and provides the body with all kinds of necessary amino acids including 9 essential amino acids that the body can not synthesize and can only be supplied by the diet: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.


    Main benefits of Beef Aminos 200 Tablets Scitec Nutrition- Contains 100% hydrolyzed peptides from bovine protein.

    - The raw material is the best bovine fresh meat 100% natural without hormones.
    - Speed ​​very fast digestion and absorption.
    - Provides all the important amino acids.
    - Up to 390% more concentrated than sirloin steak fat.
    - Perfect for lactose intolerant or "paleo" diets.
    -Tabletas Easy to swallow and take anywhere.

    The beef is very famous among athletes looking to develop their physical and increase their muscle mass and bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders that over time have experienced increased muscle growth consuming this type of meat you consume others like chicken.
    Beef Aminos is a great alternative to other protein sources of high quality proteins like whey, is for many the best protein that exists. Of course, it is well above formulas vegetable proteins such as soy protein controversial.
    Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos is the best alternative for people who are intolerant to lactose or to those that milk allergy can pose a serious nutritional problem. It should also be a first option to consider for those who follow a Paleolithic type diet where dairy products are excluded or limited sources of protein and meat are favored.
    Moreover, peptides are a type formed by the union of several amino acids by peptide bonds molecules. Peptides, like proteins, are present in nature and are responsible for a large number of functions, many of which are not yet known. Binding of a small number of amino acids results in a peptide, and if the number is high, to a protein, although the boundaries between them are not defined. After a critical training smaller peptides "pre-digested" both recovery and positive nitrogen balance may be faster since the protein does not have to be digested into smaller sizes. Beef Aminos This enables the rapid repair of damaged muscles and more efficient hypertrophy of muscle during the anabolic growth phase.

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    Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos 500tab
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