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100% Cashew Butter 1000 g
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OstroVit 100% Cashew Butter is an excellent and unique product, created for the most demanding gourmets, people who care about a slim figure, sport, and for those who limit harmful excess salt or sugar in their diet. Deep, full, the taste of cashew nuts fits perfectly as a sweet and savory addition. It is a real bomb of valuable fatty acids, proteins and minerals. Depth of taste, 100% satisfaction and a guarantee of the highest quality - OstroVit 100% Cashew Butter

  • 100% made from cashew nuts!
  • Salt free
  • Sugar free
  • Does not contain palm oil
OstroVit 100% Cashew Butter

OstroVit 100% Cashew Butter is 100% made from cashew nuts. It does not contain salt, sugar and palm oil. It is an ideal snack and a wholesome product made of selected, roasted and previously ground West Nansecz tree nuts. The name comes from their shape, which is reminiscent of a human kidney. Thanks to the high content of healthy fats, it is perfectly suited to supplement the demand in our diet.

OstroVit 100% Cashew Butter properties

100% Cashew Butter is not only a great product that should be found in the kitchen of every gourmet, but also a valuable source of many ingredients.

  • Source of easily digestible protein
  • Wealth of healthy fats mono- and polyunsaturated
  • Perfect for physically active people who have an increased need for calories
  • Great source of micro and macro nutrients for vegans and vegetarians
  • Excellent base of minerals min. magnesium
  • Hight content of valuable potassium
  • Can help reduce blood pressure


  Per 100g For a portion
Energy value 2551 kJ/616 kcal 638 kJ/154 kcal (8%*)
Fat 50,64g 12,66 g (19 %*)
- including saturated fatty acid 12,1 g 3,03 g (9 %*)
Carbohydrates 15,4 g 3,85 (1 %*)
- including sugar 7,4 g 1,85 g (1%*)
Protein 20,6 g 5,15 g (15%*)
Salt 0.035 g 0.009 g (0 %*)


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100% Cashew Butter 1000 g
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